Why is Grapevine Aquarium the place to go?

A trip to the aquarium is always one of my favorites. Seeing the shimmering aquatic life just makes me want to become a mermaid. I love aquariums that give you an experience of what it would be like underwater interacting with the sea life. I notice when people are on vacation or visiting, the most common thing to do is to check out the local aquarium exhibits.
The Sea Quest Aquarium in Grapevine is a perfect family outing that everyone will enjoy, from the aquatic creatures to the outside water park of Lego land. The aquarium takes you on a true sea life journey, just like they promised. When planning your next aquarium adventure do not forget the Grapevine Aquarium – and here’s why.
The Grapevine Sea Quest Aquarium is a remarkable addition to the Grapevine Shopping mall, that displays thousands of fish and allows you to interact with all the gleaming creatures in a way that will leave you feeling like you just been under the sea.
It’s an interactive activity for all ages, that makes everyone feel like they aren’t just there for the kids; adults enjoy the aquarium too. When visiting Texas, I am excited to go to the local aquarium and check it out. I wanted to get the true sea life experience and Grapevine payed it true. Giving me an overall feeling of the ocean’s creatures and learning about it in the process. It astonished me to know how little we truly don’t know about the underwater life.
The Grapevine Sea Life Aquarium is in the Grapevine shopping mall which even has a carousel in the middle of the food court. If you’re a Grey’s Anatomy fan, you can recreate the sad life of Meredith Grey. This gives people the option to have a full day to not only visit the aquarium but also the shopping mall. And if shopping is not your thing, you can head over to Lego land to finish your family adventure.
One thing about Sea Quest that really stood out to me was the way the aquarium was all on a level where the children could reach. If you notice, all the tanks and exhibits are all on a lower level, so the kiddos didn’t need their parents help. That little touch really made it an overall fantastic way for the kids to really learn and see up close all the wiggly fishes swimming around and I’m sure the parents appreciated that.
Onto the famous shark tunnel that aquariums are known for. At Grapevine, they had an awesome one, that not only included the fish swimming above you, but if you had to tie your shoe, you’d get a show with them under you too! This gave an even greater 360 tunnel views of all those slimy creatures we came to see.
Next time you’re in town on vacation here in Grapevine, make sure you check out this aquarium to get an up-close view of those glossy fish you love.


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